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April 18, 2019

Un-Drain the Swamp (Cooler)

Preparing an Evaporative Cooler for the Cooling Season

Dewinterizing Your Swamp Cooler


1. After Winter....De-Winterize

Evaporative coolers are commonly used to provide cooling for homes and businesses in dry climates. Evaporative coolers (also known as swamp coolers) provide cooling through the simple physics by which evaporating water absorbs heat from the surrounding environment. An evaporative cooler cools the air much like sweat evaporating from your skin cools off your body.  


If you properly winterized your evaporative cooler at the end of the last cooling season, you must reverse the process to "de-winterize" the unit as the warm season approaches. (And if you haven't been a model homeowner practicing good maintenance, it's never too late to start.) 


2. Uncover the Cooler

Start by removing the cover or tarp from around the unit. This is a good time to inspect the condition of the cover before storing it for use next winter. If the cover is torn or has holes, order a replacement cover now so you'll have it ready when it's time to winterize the unit again.


3. Remove the Casing

Remove all of the sides of the cooler unit by releasing the panel catches or clips and sliding the panels up slightly and then out. Set the side panels aside, facing down.


Tip: To save some time later, keep track of which panel belongs to each side of the unit. The panels are sometimes slightly different, and they may not fit exactly right unless they are put back in the same positions.


4. Clean the Inside of the Cooler

Clean the inside of the cooler with a shop-vac to remove accumulated dust and ​loose mineral scale. Use a damp rag to pick up any remaining dust and to get into corners and tight spaces. If there is a lot of buildup inside the unit, consider using a descaling or cleaning product designed for use on evaporative coolers.​


5. Replace the Evaporative Pads

Change the pads, as needed. Your evaporative cooler has absorbent pads that hold water as a fan blows air across them to evaporate the water. Depending on the design of your cooler, these pads may be flat panels or they may be attached to a rotating drum. Over time, these pads become stiffened with mineral deposits, which hinders their ability to hold water.


If the pads were not changed in winter as part of the winterizing process, you should change them now. When to change the pads is really a matter of preference—they just need to be changed once every year.


The size of the pads varies for each cooler, so you may want to measure them before heading to the store to buy replacements.


6. Reconnect the Water Line

Connect the water line to the cooler fitting, and carefully tighten the nut with a wrench or pliers. Confirm that the drain plug is in place in the water pan, then turn on the water supply to the cooler.


7. Check for Leaks

Inspect the cooler pan and the water line for any leaks. Some leaks are quite obvious, such as when a pipe is broken or punctured, but others are slower and harder to see. Look around the drain plug for any leaks, and tighten the plug, if necessary.


This is also a good time to check to make sure that the float valve is working properly. Wait for it to turn off the flow of water when the cooler pan gets full. Make adjustments, if necessary, to prevent overfilling the pan. Replace the float valve if it does not seem to be working properly.


8. Test the Pump and Fan Motor

Turn on the cooler and check the pump and fan motor for proper operation:


When the pump is working properly, the water should be flowing freely from the "spider" water-feed tubing onto the sides of the evaporative cooler. If the water flow is sluggish, it could be a sign that the pump is not pumping or that the spider or the lines are clogged.


Confirm that the motor is running and the fan wheel is turning. 


9. Reassemble the Casing

Reinstall all of the side panels in their corresponding openings and secure them with the catches or clips. Your evaporative cooler is now ready for summer!


Depending on the location of your "swamp" (evaporative) cooler (rooftop) - you may feel more comfortable calling in a pro to take on the de-winterizing task.  We really don't want any stories of you falling off the roof.  If you need a recommendation, call or text us at 720-314-8462 or is you go through all these steps and still do not have a properly working unit, we can help you find someone who can help you keep your cool this summer!

April 18, 2019

Taking Your Lawn Sprinkler System Out of Hibernation

For lawn and garden enthusiasts, spring is the most wonderful time of the year. It’s the season when flowers, trees and grass come alive with color — so long as they get the sunshine and water they need to thrive.


Dewinterizing Your Sprinkler System

When Mother Nature can’t hold up her end of the bargain, lawns and gardens need a little help from us humans. A garden hose or watering can will suffice, but homeowners with underground sprinkler systems know that the most convenient way to keep a healthy lawn is to automate the process.


That’s not to say that using a sprinkler system is a completely effortless process. In fact, shutting down the system for winter and reopening it in the spring are two fairly big jobs. But if you do them well, your only worry in between should be avoiding the sprinkler heads with the lawn mower.


Dewinterizing and starting your sprinkler system for the spring may take two hours or more, depending on the size of your property, the number of sprinkler heads and the condition of the system.


  • Tools and Supplies You Will Need
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Sprinkler valve key (as needed)
  • Note pad and pencil
  • Pliers (as needed)


1. Check Your Lawn for Frozen Ground

Before you take the first step toward dewinterizing, you need to make sure your lawn agrees that winter is over. Use a shovel to dig at least one foot into the soil in an inconspicuous part of your lawn. If you strike frozen ground, you’re too early and should wait a week or two before conducting another dig test.


Starting your sprinkler system while the ground is still frozen can result in broken water lines during the startup process or even hours later, if the ground is cold enough to freeze the water in the lines. If your watering just can’t wait, you’ll want to hook up the hose and do it the old-fashioned way while the soil thaws.


2. Turn on Your Control Panel

Dewinterization starts at your sprinkler system’s brain — the main irrigation control panel. These are often installed outdoors, so you’ll probably need to wipe away a layer of dirt and clear out some cobwebs.


Turn on the control panel and review the current settings for time, date and irrigation zones. If your system has a battery backup and the batteries are more than six months old, this is a good time to replace them. All control panel models are a little different, so if you don’t have your system’s original documentation, find a copy online by searching for your panel’s model number.


3. Clean Your Sprinkler Heads

One of the most time-consuming steps is the inspection and cleaning of every sprinkler head and valve. The bigger your lawn is, the more time this will take.


Complete these steps at each sprinkler head:


Inspect the sprinkler head assembly for damage. If the nozzle is damaged, unscrew it from the head and buy a replacement at your local lawn care center. If there’s more extensive damage to the entire head assembly, the repair can be a bigger project that you might want to outsource to an irrigation maintenance professional.

Clean the nozzles thoroughly. An old toothbrush helps with this job. Any obstruction will affect the spray pattern, and that could result in some areas getting too little water while others get too much.

Make sure the sprinkler valve is closed, unless it’s the valve farthest from the main water source. You’ll want to leave this valve open and remove the sprinkler nozzle to allow air to escape when you turn on the water. If your system has multiple branches feeding off a main line, you should open the valve and remove the nozzle of the last sprinkler on each branch line.


4. Slowly Open the Main Valve

The next step is to open the main water valve, and this is where rookies can make an expensive mistake. Opening the valve too quickly sends a rush of water and air through the system, creating an effect called a “water hammer”. This surge of pressure can crack pipes, break valves and even send sprinkler heads rocketing into the air.


Slowly open the main valve until you can hear the water begin to flow, then wait for several minutes as water feeds into the main line. When you’re ready to continue, open the valve just a few degrees wider every couple of minutes until it’s fully open.


In a system where branch lines feed off the main line, there may be an additional valve where each branch line meets the main line. After completely filling the main line, you’ll need to repeat this slow-and-steady process at each branch line’s main valve.


Once all these valves are open, it’s time to check the faraway sprinkler valves that you left open earlier. With the sprinkler heads removed, any dirt and debris trapped in the line should be flushing out. As soon as the water flowing out looks clear, close the valve and screw the nozzle back into place.


5. Check Your Irrigation Zones

Your sprinkler system is now primed for its first watering of spring. And if you didn’t make any major changes to your system or landscaping since last year, you might not need to make any adjustments to your sprinkler nozzles. But it’s still worthwhile to test the irrigation of each of your zones, one at a time, to verify that your spray patterns are getting water where you need it.


Use your control panel to start the irrigation program for a single zone, then go watch your sprinklers at work. If you have any malfunctioning sprinkler heads, this is when you’ll notice them. And if your sprinklers have unusually low pressure, that’s often a sign of a water line break. You should watch for soggy spots to develop in your soil to pinpoint the area of the break, then shut down the water at the main valve until you can get it repaired.


If any nozzles need adjusting, take note of all the changes you want to make in the zone before turning off the sprinklers. You can only make the adjustments while the sprinklers are off, so this will spare you additional trips back and forth.


There are markings on top of each nozzle that indicate their spray patterns. To adjust a nozzle, unscrew the ring that holds it in place, lift it out of the head assembly and reinsert it with the markings pointing in the desired direction. Screw the ring back on and you’re good to go.


After working through each zone individually, activate your full irrigation program for one final walk-through inspection. If you like what you see, you’re all done until it’s time for winterization!


And if you're just not ready to take on this DIY project, give us a call or shoot us a text 720-314-8462, we're happy to recommend a professional who can do the job for you so you can spend time doing those things you actually enjoy!



Information courtesy and their contributing writer, Josh Crank.


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April 17, 2019

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Easter blessings from Tim and Sandy Jones, Jones Team Colorado. We extend our wishes to you and your families.



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April 3, 2019

Tips for Organizing Your Master Bedroom

Give your master bedrooms a refresh. Purging clutter, setting up organizing systems, and clearing out the dust bunnies from underneath the bed will give you a fresh perspective about your Master Bedroom.

Once completed, your newly organized master bedroom will be simple, clean, and clutter free. Don’t keep clothes in the dresser drawers (keep them all in the closet), no more book shelves in there anymore, and the room will be free of excess clutter. You will create a peaceful environment where you are able to unwind after a long day. That is the goal. Make this space a calming place where you can relax. Here are the steps that will get you there.  


1.  PREPARE:  Collect 5 laundry baskets/boxes and label as follows.  

  • Keep – Everything that stays in the room.
  • Trash – Things that need tossed in the trash (or recycled).
  • Donate – Everything that you are donating or giving to someone else.
  • Clothes – ALL clothes that stay in the room.
  • Other – Everything that goes to another room in the house.


2.  SORT:  Concentrating on one hot spot at a time, empty the space completely.

Under the bed – Pull everything out and sort it into the baskets. Try to keep this space empty and free of dust!

Dresser drawers – Pull out all of the clothes and empty onto the bed. Sort through each piece of clothing.  Does it fit? Do you still wear it?  If not, donate it! Fold and place the clothes back into the drawers (like items together).

Night Stands – Empty out the drawers and the top of the stand. Clean it off, wipe it down, and only put back the necessities back!

Dresser top – Clean it off, going through each item thats on there.  Sort though using the basket system.  Wipe clean and put back only necessary items.  This is a clutter hot spot. This is the first area people notice when walking into the bedroom! Try to keep it clear of the clutter.

All other hot spots in the room – Using the basket system, go through what’s left of the room.


3.  CLEAN:  

  • Clean the windows, blinds & mirrors
  • Wipe down doors, baseboards, doorknobs and switch plates
  • Dust Dressers & nightstands
  • Vacuum
  • Wash Bed Linens, curtains, bedskirt
  • Vacuum mattress/flip mattress
  • Wash pillows, sheets & comforters
  • Clean ceiling fan & lighting


4.  ORGANIZE:  Once its all clean, you are ready for the fun part – organizing! This is an important step if you want to keep your room clean. Use baskets and bins to categorize items.

I love our bedroom. I love the style, the colors, and the atmosphere. It’s comfortable and calming. There is no clutter and the surfaces are clear. White bedding makes a huge difference, eliminating visual clutter and it’s an easy transformation.

Make a habit of making your bed every morning, as soon as you get up.

Clear the top of your nightstand of excess clutter and only keep what you use daily on it.

Keep things organized! This essential organizer is actually a lipstick organizer from Anthropologie. Use a basket to hold the books you're currently reading.

Use drawer organizers and categorize each section. This keep things neat and orderly. These organizers are found at TJ Maxx.

Use drawer dividers. These cedar dividers created three separate sections to organize these things.

If you keep clothing in your dresser, you can still have an organized system in place. 

Tip: If you store t-shirts in your dresser drawers, this is a must have. Neatly fold your clothing using this tool.

Efficiently folding and organizing your clothing saves you time and space in the long run.

Use drawer organizers to corral socks & undergarments.

Set up a seating area (if you have the space). It's great having chairs to relax and read or watch television.

Create a cozy and relaxing space for you to unwind in each night. Keep the clutter away and maintain what you have created on a daily basis.

You can simplify your master bedroom! Begin with decluttering and go from there.

If you need some guidance with your decluttering project, we can put you in touch with one of our experts at home organization to assist you.  Just call or text us - we're happy to help: 720-314-8462

April 3, 2019

Ultimate Interior Design Ideas for Your Bedroom Makeover


If updating the direction of your bedroom decoration is on the top of your to-do lists for 2019, keep the look and feel of it on trend with 15 of the ultimate bedroom interior design ideas culled from the wisdom of our decorators. That said, these savvy interior design trends and other top design ideas we’ve seen can work just as well in any other room in your home as they have universal appeal so you’ll be ahead of the curve.


Canopy Beds

Canopy beds never fail to make a statement for any bedroom interior design and the bedroom trends of 2019 call for a major return to the romantic style. Of course, canopy beds can instantly make a dramatic impact, whether they are traditionally styled or are more modern; there is a canopy bed that goes perfectly with every bedroom design; for any sized room. From the more old-world dark wood four poster beds with canopies, curtains and plenty of flounce, to a more sleek and modern ebony or white canopy bed with lucite panels and details.

If the curtains and canopies themselves are too much for you, then choose a minimal design without all the fuss. There are plenty of beautifully designed canopy beds available that will lend an enviable sense of elegance to your master bedroom designs without being overpowering.


Raised Storage Beds

Beds raised off the floor aren’t just for kids any more – space creating designs, full of functionality, are just as beneficial in an adult’s room as well. After all, who says kids beds can have all the fun and function as adults need just as much extra storage for their bedroom design. Beds are raised off the floor on a frame with underneath storage areas like rows of drawers or sliding doors where you can easily store bulky items that you don’t need out all the time.

With some styles we’ve seen, bedside tables and even more storage is built into the steps that help you get into bed. This works perfectly for making the most out of your space for a small bedroom design and it looks super modern as well.




Mismatched Furniture

Taking a cue from transitional styling, a well-judged mixed look is a great way to add fun and visual interest in your bedroom, and we love how creative and different you can be with it. This is the perfect opportunity to inject your personality and all of your favorite style features into your bedroom interior design and not feel compromised as there’s plenty of freedom for expression.

It’s time to break the tired rules of bedroom decoration and mix and match until you feel satisfied by the layered effect; contrast and juxtapose with dressers, headboards and side tables taken from completely different styles and confidently pair them together. Velvet headboards, wooden headboards, white dressers, dark wood dressers, minimalist side tables and Art Deco side tables can come together when well-balanced in your melting pot of modern bedroom designs.



Minimal Armoires

The fanciful and highly gilt French armoires that instantly come to mind are a bit too visually heavy for today’s times, but with a more minimal look and feel, an armoire can become a handy companion. Forgo the ornate carved wood, the floral motifs and the intricate design details and go for something far more simplistic for additional bedroom storage. An armoire with clean, smooth lines and sleek handles is much more in tune with popular bedroom styles 2019.

How about an armoire in a jewel tone, with smooth matte gold handles? Sturdy and sleek, but practical and minimal at the same time, modern armoires leave much less visual impact. Simple sliding doors in dark wood look great and are a smart investment for any bedroom interior.


Hotel Inspired

Don’t get us wrong, there’s no denying the instant luxury one feels when stepping into a proper hotel suite, but by going for a hotel-inspired bedroom interior design, we fell compelled to point out that we don’t mean the generic, white-washed feel that was made so popular about a decade ago.

Instead, take a bedroom design cue from many of the ultra-chic boutique hotels that have risen in popularity over the past few years. Today’s version of stylish hotels features Mid-Century Modern furnishings in petite scales and soothing colorways that are nothing short of enviable. Just look at how the perfectly scaled and decorated small bedroom design featured above feels on-trend yet timeless at the same time.


Layer Rugs

Sure, fully carpeted rooms have been out of favor for years, and hopefully they never come back in style, but that said, when it comes to comforting bedroom interior design ideas, the larger the rug, the more cozy and inviting the room will feel.

And for added textural play during colder moments, think about layering a plush sheepskin rug over your main rug for added visual interest and extra softness to avoid having your feet hit cold flooring.




Bring in Texture

Now matter how challenging your small bedroom design is, the easiest way to add visual play is by bringing in extra texture for an unexpected touch. Note how the bedroom featured here is extra-small in scale, but with a few textural updates, the room feel complete and fully realized without coming off as heavy handed.

You can blame that on the texture introduced via linens, two petite velvet ottomans, and a salvaged wood panel hung over the bed. All in all, the space is outfitted perfectly, even though it didn’t take much.


Go Tonal

To create soothing bedroom decor ideas, go for tonal play and stick to only one color and the varying shades of it when possible. This will help your room appear more expansive, expensive, and ultimately, well-judged and put together.

And it doesn’t have to be a bedroom design doused in neutrals. You can go almost every direction imaginable, however, our interior designers suggest sticking with a color range that sings to you as you’ll be spending a lot of intimate time in your bedroom so you’ll need it to feel as complimentary to your mood as possible.


Make it Look Larger

Looking for small bedroom design cues to make it look larger, or are you on the hunt for clever master bedroom designs that will make the room appear grander and more spectacular?

One of the best bedroom decor ideas to accomplish both is to add floor-to-ceiling drapes along the wall behind your bed, even if there is no actual window. This inexpensive addition will not only make the ceiling look much higher than it is, but it will also lend your room a regal elegance that’s hard to beat.


Vintage Storage Trunks

Vintage style storage trunks are a classic, but they haven’t been in vogue for quite a while and make for a welcome return when considering bedroom decor ideas 2019 and we’ve seen them everywhere. They can be used to store items in your bedroom like knits and linens and are great for stowing away pieces you don’t use all the time. Vintage trunks also work as a stylish visual anchor when placed in front of your bed. However, our favorite way to use them is as bedside tables.

Stack them on top of one another to make a chic and retro side table. And go for classic colors and silhouettes to keep the look timeless as they make for an easy way to create a moodier and more luxuriant feel.  











Boudoir Vanities

Another retro-inspired return you probably didn’t see coming; the boudoir vanity is back on trend, making it the perfect addition to any design style, especially a Hollywood Regency bedroom. Vanities are the perfect space for a proper dressing station and when paired with an oversized mirror, can create stunning visual impact. White and ivory are traditional go-to colors for boudoir vanities in a classic bedroom interior, but we suggest going in a more unexpected direction. Add some color to your bedroom design with a vanity in a deep jewel tone or in a dark wood and pair it with a high-shine metallic chair for extra glamor.

Together, these will create a much bigger impact than traditional white options and they look more unique as well. And do create a low-lying tablescape featuring products you not only use daily, but ones that are beautifully designed to boot. 


Trundle Beds for Kids

Let’s not forget about children on this list of bedroom interior design ideas. Trundle beds are a great space saving idea as they are perfect for creating additional storage and can be essential for sleepovers. Trundle beds have come a long way since they were first introduced on the market.

How about a bed frame which looks like a cute little playhouse? Or a daybed frame that doubles up as a hangout area? The opportunities are endless with trundle beds, from four poster princess beds to tepee inspired tents; use their activities to inspire your children’s bedroom decor ideas.


Unusual Headboards

Make a major statement in your bedroom interior design with an oversized or unusual headboard. Some oversized headboards stretch the width of an entire wall, whereas others are floor to ceiling. Some are upholstered in dramatic jewel toned velvet while others are simpler and more subtle. Whichever look you are going for with your headboard, its oversized nature is bound to make an impact. And if the scale is not right for you, opt for an unusual conversation-starting headboard to make your bedroom standout.

Work your bedroom design around the headboard, using it as the focal point of your room. From intricate carved designs, to headboards made out of reclaimed wood and even wingback headboard designs – there is something to suit every bedroom interior and taste.


Chaise Lounge

There is no better piece of furniture to create a comforting yet opulent look in a bedroom, than a handy chaise lounge. You’ll feel like you’re in a retreat when you are lounging around on a sumptuous upholstered chaise.

They make the perfect addition to your bedroom design for a reading nook; comfortable and cozy, they lend themselves to lounging while getting into your latest novel. While traditional designs remain for great choices, there are plenty of updated, unusual modern chaise lounge options available at a variety of price points to suit any design style.


Layer Lighting

When it comes to master bedroom designs try to bring in as much natural light as possible during the day, but when it comes to the evening, update your bedroom lighting to set a more romantic and calming tone through layered lighting designed just for you to create a cozy and warm space to sit back and relax. By doing so, you’ll avoid your bedroom design as coming off either too dark or too bright while cementing the perfect ambiance.


Add Drama

When it comes to on-trend bedroom decor ideas, even the most minimal, subtle bedroom design could use a boost of brooding, everyday glamor.

Spice things up and bring in a few dramatic, statement-making pieces to make your modern bedroom designs all the more memorable, conversation-starting, and unique. Do keep in mind that balance is always key like in the room featured above, as nothing is competing with each other for a harmonious sense of perfection.



Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a great way of displaying cherished personal items in your bedroom design so you don’t have to keep them concealed to the point where you will never see them again, or where they’ll spend most of their lives with you stashed away in a storage box.

Graphic shelves like the ones featured here pack a subtle yet powerful punch when decorated accordingly. Another trick for the eye is to add shelves the same color as your walls so they can blend seamlessly into your bedroom decor ideas.


Bedside Storage Ottomans

Ottomans make for a great alternative to traditional seating when considering smart bedroom interior design, and for good reason. They are oversized, practical, and can provide plenty of additional storage that’s also concealed. Planted in front of your bed, they’ll also double as the perfect to take your shoes off at the end of a long day while adding visual interest.

Interior designers suggest channeling the heady velvet upholstery trend in a strong color, like forest green or peacock blue, when sourcing an ottoman. You can also choose an ottoman with legs to create the illusion of additional space – especially modern with high-shine brass turned legs to add extra visual space to your bedroom design.


Looking for expert advice to renovate or update your bedroom?  Perhaps you're thinking of selling and just want staging ideas for your home.  We can help - just shoot us a text or call us: 720-314-8462

Since Master Bedrooms are one of the Top Three rooms in a house buyers consider most important, we want to help you add the most value to this important space.  And if you're staying for another ten years, we just want you to enjoy it in style and comfort!









April 3, 2019

What's Your Favorite Room?

We all have our favorite rooms in the house, be it the kitchen, bedroom, or even bathroom. For many of us, it’s the room that offers the most reprieve from our daily lives that we love the most. However, it could be the room in which you invested the most time, money, and effort into making it perfect that becomes your favorite. This is a question we set out to answer.


We have previously discussed the varying costs of renovating certain parts of your home, but when it comes time to sell your home, you can often find yourself scrambling to make everything look as good as possible. But what rooms in your home have the most value placed upon them?


Activity Equals Value


As a whole, the two rooms in which the most value is placed are the living room and kitchen, each picked at a 28.1% by the respondents. The master bedroom was not too far behind, as 19.3% of people picked that. This makes sense, as these rooms are usually where the most activity occurs. Your television watching, your cooking, and getting ready for the day are all activities respectfully represented by these three rooms. And the rooms we are in the most often are the ones that are going to mean the most to us, financially speaking.

So when you are planning which of your rooms to renovate for your family, consider which one you are in the most.


Know Your Audience

If you are in the position of selling your home, you’ll want to know which room to stage the best in order to have a better chance of it being sold quickly. Obviously it’s impossible to renovate a room on very short notice, but playing the odds could make a big difference. Do you live in a neighborhood where the prospective buyers are Boomers? Then spend the majority of time on your living room, as that’s where almost 32% of respondents aged 55-64 placed the most value. Or perhaps it’s a neighborhood with a lot of young first-time buyers? Focus on the master bedroom, because nearly a quarter of respondents aged 18-34 picked that room.


Another interesting note: 14% of those who identified as parents said they value the kitchen the most. On the flip side, 27% of those who identified as non-parents said the same of the kitchen. There’s interesting sociological conclusions to be drawn here, we’re just not sure what. But it relates to our view that knowing your audience is key.


Always Home

The room that matters most seems to vary greatly depending on age, which also seems to have a direct correlation to how often one is at home. For instance, 21% of respondents aged 55 or older said the garage was their most valued room. It is likely that most of these folks are retirees who work on their at-home projects in the garage, which means they are at home a lot. Comparatively, the master bedroom earned the least amount of votes for that same age group. That room was most important to the 18-34 year olds, earning nearly 45% of the vote. This could mean that people in that age bracket aren’t home a lot, but when they are, they spend a lot of their time in their bedroom.


Gender Studies

Not all of the stats surprised us, however. If you guessed that women would say the most valued room to them is the kitchen, and that the most valued room to men is the living room, then you win a gold star. For women, a whopping 35% said that the kitchen was the most important space, while for men they ranked the living room as most important (29%).



The Choice Home Warranty survey asked respondents “Which room do you value most in a home?” using the Google Consumer Surveys tool. The survey ran in April 2015 and gathered 1,101 responses. Results are weighted by inferred gender and region to reflect the population.



Courtesy: Choice Home Warranty survey

April 3, 2019

Go Rockies!

After forcing game 163 last season, the Rockies will take on their division rivals during Opening Day at Coors Field. After traveling home from a week in Florida, Pitcher Tyler Anderson will start the game against the Los Angeles Dodgers this Friday. The boys in purple are hoping for a win to prove they can make it back to the playoffs and reclaim victory over the NL West. Fans who attend the game will receive a “Go Rockies” towel to rally the team to victory!


There are SO many great places to live near #CoorsField within walking distance of the ballpark. If you love baseball, we can get you close to the action so that parking and getting to as many #Rockies games this year is never a problem. Send us a PM and we'll hook you up!


#GoRockies #LoDo #BlakeStreet #MLB

April 2, 2019

21 DIY Tricks to Save Homeowners Money

Here's a handy list to keep around that will save you time and money with a variety of common, everyday tasks around the house using, reusing, re-purposing items most homeowners already have around.  As you prepare your home for spring, you may also have thoughts of selling, to upsize, downsize or rightsize your home.  So you may find this list particularly handy to have around.

Roll Up Your Toothpaste with a Pencil 

Good for more than scribbling the day's to-do list, a short pencil can also help you draw out the last drop of toothpaste from the tube. Starting at the end, wrap the mostly empty tube around the pencil, then roll the pencil up until you extract the tube's contents—and extend your budget! 

Cut Your Sponges in Half

Sponges soak up everything in their path, including the funds required for frequent replacement. Fortunately for the budget-conscious, half a sponge packs as much grime-fighting ability as a whole sponge. So, you can get twice the utility out of one sponge by cutting it into two pieces.


Fix a Low Toilet Fill Level

Unless you own a dual-flush toilet, you're probably dumping way too much water down the drain with each flush, which in turn raises your water bill. Flush smarter by adding a brick or full plastic water bottle to the toilet tank. The extra bulk will raise the tank's float arm faster, which means you'll need less water to fill the tank.







Extend the Life of Your Razors with a Leather Belt

Before you dispose of disposable razors, try sharpening them with an adaptable accessory already in your wardrobe: a leather belt. The particulate grit on the underside of a belt acts as a strop, refining the dull edges of the blade until it is as sharp as ever and ready for many more shaves.

Vacuum Refrigerator Coils

Grit and gunk that collect on your refrigerator’s condenser coils can put the hardworking appliance into overdrive—and this can lead to sky-high energy bills. Using a vacuum cleaner with a crevice-friendly attachment, banish unsightly accumulations from the coils for improved energy efficiency.



Make a DIY Duster with Old Pantyhose or Tights


Just as hosiery brings polish to an outfit, it can add luster to surfaces around the house. Slip old, outworn tights or pantyhose onto your hand like a glove, and then buff dusty lamps, dingy furniture, and other accessories to achieve polished perfection—no commercial cleaners required!







Upcycle a Plastic Bottle to Save Water in the Garden

When water is at a premium, save your wallet and the environment by DIYing this slow-drip watering device for your garden bed. Constructed from a perforated water bottle filled with absorbent socks or strips of denim, the device can be planted next to young seedlings to continuously hydrate growing roots.

Fill Up a Half-Full Fridge with Empty Milk Jugs

Don't cry over spilled milk! Instead, put that empty container to good use. Empty milk containers or other large bottles placed in a half-full fridge can help increase cold air circulation and reduce your electric bill. Those frosty empty jugs keep the surrounding items cold, maintaining a low average fridge temperature—and a lower utility bill.



Make a Pot Scrubber with an Onion Bag

The flexible mesh bags that commonly house store-bought onions and potatoes can be given a second life in the kitchen as pot scrubbers. Start by cutting and folding the bag into the desired dimensions, then use a yarn needle to stitch the edges closed with rug yarn. That's it! You're ready to take your new scrubber to the sink and start cutting through grease!







Single-use commercial dryer sheets can make laundry day more luxurious and fresher scented, but who needs them when you can make your own! To create an all-natural equivalent, dip clean, cut-up rags into a solution of vinegar and essential oils. The sheets can be stored in an airtight container until needed and then reused for countless spin cycles.

Save Money in Summer with a DIY Air Conditioner

Skip the AC (and the AC bills) this summer by creating your own DIY air conditioner. Consisting of an old fan placed atop a bucket that holds a natural cooling source—frozen water—this quick hack will help you stay cool and comfortable as you soak up summer. 

Recycle Scraps into New Bar Soap

If you’re down to the last few shards of that bar of soap, don’t replace it. Instead, reconstitute the soap slivers into a like-new beauty bar! Start by melting the soap scraps over the stove. Then, pour the mixture into soap bar molds, letting the bars dry before you lather up.






Reuse Glass Jars to Organize Your Workshop

In lieu of buying expensive organizing solutions to declutter your workshop, let mason jars or other glass containers take on the job. Rinsed, dried, decorated, and filled with fasteners or tool bits, these easy-to-come-by vessels become storage-smart accents suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Boost Your Wi-Fi with a Soda Can

A can of soda offers more than just a sugar boost. It can also boost a weak Wi-Fi signal, and as a result, your Internet speed. Cut off the bottom of the can, then slice off the lid, leaving an inch or so connected to the can. Cut and unfurl the can, slip the mouth of the lid over your router’s antenna, and again enjoy buffer-free streaming sessions—all without having to buy an expensive name-brand signal booster. (For step-by-step directions check out this wiki: Boost Wi-Fi with Soda Can )

Upcycle a Planter to Store and Sharpen Garden Tools

If your tools aren’t the sharpest in the shed, skip the trip to the knife sharpener and consider storing them in this specially outfitted repurposed planter instead. When painted, sealed, and tightly packed with sand and mineral oil, a commonplace terra-cotta pot can help keep your gardening gear clean and the blades sharp, all at the same time.








Install a Rain Barrel for Free Water

Why consume extra water to hydrate your homegrown plants when you can capture and reuse your roof and gutter runoff with a rain barrel? Installed below the eaves for optimal water collection, a bargain barrel can reduce your next water bill and help you pep up your plants. (Now LEGAL in Colorado!)

Keep Overgrown Weeds and Plants Away from Your HVAC Unit

Lush foliage is a pleasant surprise anywhere but near your HVAC unit, where it can cause the system to run less efficiently. Maintain proper airflow and reduce electrical consumption by plucking weeds and pruning bushes in the immediate vicinity of the unit.

Trim Your Shower Curtain Liner to Prevent Mold and Mildew

When your shower curtain liner has become mired in mold and mildew, replacing it is sometimes easier than cleaning it. But if you keep an eye out for early signs of these unsightly intruders, you can keep the curtain looking good longer. When you spot the first bit of buildup, trim the bottom of the curtain with scissors to keep grime from encroaching any further.








Ditch Your Dryer and Hang Up a Clothesline

Few can resist the warmth and fragrance of garments fresh out of the dryer, but that experience becomes somewhat less appealing when you think about all the energy it takes to machine dry. A homemade rope clothesline dries just as well, and using one will not only save you money on your electric bill, but it can also lengthen the life of your threads.

Run Your Ceiling Fan Counterclockwise in Summer for Energy Savings

Before you turn up the dial on the air conditioner—and pay the price later—consider installing a ceiling fan. A fan not only allows for greater comfort and energy savings in the hot summer months, but if you go the extra mile of switching it to run clockwise when the weather gets cold, the fan can help warm up the room come winter. 

Pick Up Free Mulch from Your Town

For a freshly manicured lawn on the cheap, don’t call your local landscaper—call your local parks department. You may be able to obtain mulch and compost from them at no cost, allowing you to beautify your front yard for the bargain price of—nothing.








We hope you find this information helpful, useful and that you enjoy saving money and time when you put them to use in your home.  If you have suggestions for other tips, tricks, trends, stats you would like to see - just let us know - call or text us at 720-314-8462.

If you have questions about the real estate market, we're here to help.  



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April 2, 2019

The Slopes are Open Later this Year!

Keep your boots at the ready because ski season has been extended this year! Thanks to some additional snowfall that came late in the season, many resorts are keeping their doors open for a few extra weeks. Breckenridge and Loveland are scheduled to remain open until May, while Arapahoe Basin plans to continue operating their lifts until June 2. Most areas will have reduced operations through April, so that means there’s still plenty of time to sneak in one more day on the slopes!
If you really want to cram in every possible day of skiing, boarding, just time on the slopes - maybe living closer to the mountains is what you're craving. We can help - call or text us: 720-314-8462 - we will give you that #Colorado experience year-round
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April 2, 2019

What Being Learning Based Means

On Monday April 1 (no foolin') Sandy and Tim attended a Mastermind Class presented by Keller Williams International Master Faculty John & Holly Prescott.  

Topics included:

-          The Six Personal Perspectives:

·        Commit to Self-Mastery

·        Commit to 80/20

·        E to P (Entrepreneurial to Purposeful)

·        Be Learning Based

·        Be Accountable

-          Mindset

-          Setting Goals

-          Working with Sellers who’s listings have expired

-          Working with For Sale by Owner Sellers

We believe this helps us serve our clients better, be better equipped to handle the needs of our sellers and our buyers in this market.